What you need to know about specialised translation

A foreign manufacturer of conveyor belts recently sent me an email inquiring if I could translate their website into Italian. The website had already been partly translated by a translation agency, but they were not satisfied with the result. They asked me to revise and correct what had already been translated and to translate the rest in a relatively short time. It was a big job. They were also interested in a long-term collaboration regarding the creation of content for newsletters, email campaigns, press releases and their website. The potential client knew that translators usually specialise in certain areas, and asked me if I was familiar with technical texts. I answered that I would examine their website and reply as soon as possible. 

The texts were actually too technical for me, as I specialise in PR, marketing, banking, finance and animal protection. When I realised it, I immediately looked for a technical translator who could take on the job. Thanks to my contacts, I found her and recommended her to the potential client, who was satisfied with my help and honesty. 

It took me about half a day from receiving the request to finding a solution. Why did I do it? I was very sorry to refuse such an important assignment, but it would not have been serious to accept it without being sure of doing a better job than the agency that had disappointed them. At the same time, I wanted to do the client a favour, because I know how difficult it can be to find the right translator when it comes to specialised translation.