Your words, in a different language.

Do you want your text to be translated clearly and effectively?

Then I am the right person for you.

In addition to being a translator, I'm also a Public Relations Specialist with journalistic experience. As a result, I will not only translate your text well, but will also write it clearly and impeccably, in the style and language suitable for your target audience.

About me

I was born and grew up in Ticino, Switzerland. In my family we spoke Italian and German. This probably contributed to my decision to study languages. I have now been working for two decades as a professional translator from German and English to Italian and Swiss Italian.

In the course of my studies, I spent four years abroad to improve my language skills. On my return, I worked in import-export and banking, where public relations where among my duties. I obtained the federal certificate as a Public Relations Specialist. This gave me the motivation to embark on a journalism course and pursue a career as a freelance journalist. During those years, I also worked as a freelance translator and graduated in literature and art history. Combining study and work was not easy, but it was worth it. It improved my writing and critical thinking skills. For you, it’s a guarantee that in addition to translating your texts well, I will also write them clearly and impeccably.

Kindness is my core value.

I translate from German, English to Italian and Swiss Italian.

I specialise in the following fields:

- Public Relations

- Corporate Communication

- Corporate Media

- Content Marketing.

What my clients say about me

«Whether it is an industrialist from China, a plastic manufacturer from Russia or a winegrower from Baden-Württemberg: With any input Mariella Petrigni writes an initial text which makes my work really easy. Thanks to her commitment and flexibility, she spared me from working at night many times».

Hannes Müller, BSSM Werbeagentur, Basel

«Since November 2015 Mariella Petrigni is a constant member of our translation team, which translates for us the quarterly magazine TIERREPORT of Swiss Animal Protection SAP. With her quick and conscientious way of working she contributes in a significant manner to the success of the Italian version of the magazine (L’AMICO DEGLI ANIMALI)».

Catherine Reber, Q Basel, Basel

«We have been working with Mariella for one year now.
We work together on a permanent basis for our translations.

Fast, attentive, and very conscientious, we are very satisfied and can only recommend Mariella».

Margaux Auter, Team Corporate Communications, Griesser AG, Aadorf

Contact me now. 

Mariella Petrigni Traduzioni
Via M. di Cefalonia 37

I-20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
+39 02 51800507