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About me

Born in Switzerland and raised bilingually, I have been translating from German, English, French, Spanish to Italian and German for over twenty years. My specialisations come from my earlier careers (export, banking, journalism), my studies (foreign languages, Public Relations, literature, art history), and my many years of experience as a translator.


  • BA (Hons) in Humanities with Art History and Literature (GB)
  • Public Relations Specialist with Federal Certificate (CH)
  • State Certified Foreign Language Correspondent and Corporate Interpreter (D)


  • Freelance Journalism (MAZ, Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Cultural Journalism (MAZ, Lucerne, Switzerland)

  • Publications

    L'arte del tradurre, Incontro con Fabio Pusterla, Cooperazione


    German-Italian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Italien)


    I provide translations and copy that are clear, effective and elegant. 


    Kindness is the basis of my relationships with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

    Client testimonials

    «Whether it is an industrialist from China, a plastic manufacturer from Russia or a winegrower in Baden-Württemberg: Regardless of the input, Mariella Petrigni writes an output text which makes my work really easy. Thanks to her commitment and flexibility, she has saved me from working at night many times».

    Hannes Müller, BSSM Werbeagentur, Basel

    «Mariella Petrigni has been a permanent member of our translation team for some time now. This team translates the quarterly magazine TIERREPORT of Swiss Animal Protection SAP. With her fast and conscientious way of working, she contributes in a significant manner to the success of the Italian version of the magazine (L’AMICO DEGLI ANIMALI)».

    Catherine Reber, Q Basel

    Professional translations in the following language combinations:

    - from German, English, French, Spanish to Italian

    - from Italian, English, French, Spanish to German. 

    Copy in the following languages:

    - Italian and German.

    Transcription services

    You don't have time to write an article, a press release or to transcribe an interview? 

    No problem, I will do it for you. Contact me.


    Public relations, corporate communication, corporate publications

    Press releases, internal and external communication, brand journalism, content marketing. 

    Due to my journalism background and my federal certificate in Public Relations, customer magazines and other corporate publications are among my strengths. 

    Marketing and advertising

    Commercial correspondence, brochures, newsletters, blogs, advertising slogans etc.

    I know the challenges export companies must face, because I have worked for international businesses in various industries: from luxury fashion to electrical equipment.

    Banking and finance 

    Performance and market reports, sales prospectuses for mutual funds, banking documents etc. 

    I worked for several years in banking and specialised in financial translation

    When you place a confidential order, you can rely on my discretion. As a former bank employee, it is natural for me.

    Animal protection and welfare

    Magazine, mailings, flyers, awareness raising campaigns etc.

    I love animals and am happy to be able to contribute to their protection and welfare.

    Sample projects

    Magazine L'Amico degli Animali

    Nov 2015 – Present

    Translation from German to Italian of the magazine L'Amico degli Animali of Swiss Animal Protection SAP. Click on the button Portfolio.